Therapeutic Process

Umbrella of Hope Counseling Services offers individual, group and family counseling. the agency does not attach to any one theory, and will utilize theories and techniques that are best for the individual. Some techniques that will be used are: CBT, Solution-Focused, Insight Oriented, Support and Motivational Therapy to name a few.

Counseling can offer many new benefits. In coming to counseling you are seeking relief and help as soon as possible. We cannot promise you a quick resolution to your problems but can commit in offering you help in a time frame that addresses your needs. In order to achieve change there has to be a commitment to time and hard work by both the client and the counselor. Although therapy involves talking about issues, you may be asked to do homework assignments, excercises, writing, journals and perhaps other projects.

We will look at interactions, behaviors, and temperaments of the individuals and how family, friends, and society influence reactions. In assessing the situation we will focus on the here and the now and reflect on the past only to promote change and growth in the present. New skills will be taught and the individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.